Olympus have released an update to their Windows based professional digital dictation and transcription module software taking it to version R6.2.0

The official change log for the update is lists the following update:

  1. RS32 (Hand Controller) is supported.
  2. Direct upgrade from DSSPlayer Pro R4 to ODMS is supported. – DSS Player Pro R4.10.4 is only supported. – Both Standalone system and Workgroup system are supported. – Settings in R4 will automatically migrate to ODMS. – Operating systems supported after upgrade will comply with what ODMS supports. – ODMS license is required.
  3. “Adaptation”, function for voice recognition can be executed on PCs on which Text corrections has not been made. This allows the author to perform Adaptation on the text that other people have corrected on the other PC.
  4. Added function to copy all the text on the editor displaying results of voice recognition.
  5. Added option to set Lighting time 2 minutes and 5 minutes for the DS-7000/3500.
  6. Added option to change the following items in Edit Job Data dialog. – File name – Worktype ID – Priority, Priority Level – File Locked
  7. Czech is supported.
  8. Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 is supported.
  9. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional/Legal Edition is supported.

You can initiate the update from within your dictation or transcription module via Check For Updates found under Help.

Significant in this release is the upgrade path from DSS Player Pro R4, previous to this release only R5 updates were supported. You will need to buy an AS-7001 dictation module licence or AS-7002 transcription module licence to upgrade your DSS Player Pro R4.

Also worth noting is the last point on the list, DNS 12 Pro and Legal support. DNS 12 has been functional for a while with ODMS but this update makes it official, irons out a few bugs and further cements the linkage between the dictation and transcription module with Nuance’s voice-to-text industry leading Dragon software.

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