A few days ago we posted an article on our Australian blog titled “Transcription Typists, Tame The Dragon Don’t Fear It”. The aim of the post was to show transcription typists that Dragon is not a product to be feared but one that should be embraced. With ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) Olympus have very smartly built a close synergy with Dragon, a synergy that was their in DSS Player Pro in a basic form, but in version 6 (ODMS) the marriage between the two software products is fully featured and from the perspective of a transcription typist can lead to huge time savings when transcribing dictation. Time that can be spent doing more productive and interesting tasks.

The video below was featured in our Australian blog and its purpose is to show transcription typists who are using the Olympus ODMS Transcription Module how Dragon can help in your day to day audio file processing. Dragon is good, it is accurate but it is not and will likely never be 100% although it is close. There will always be a need for a human, especially in legal and medical practices, to verify, proof read and to an extent format the transcripts that Dragon produces.

We are always hearing of ways to work smarter not harder, here is a perfect example. With ODMS and Dragon you can now get NaturallySpeaking to do the bulk of the transcription, all you need to do is check it. We estimate at least a huge 50% time saver on dictation to text turnaround times. The great thing about using the transcription module with Dragon is the person dictating does not have to do anything different from what that are doing now, just record and send as they currently are. You can control the voice recognition, you can create the dictators voice profile and you can train and update the profile so that it learns and improves its accuracy over time.

ODMS transcription module requires Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional edition, currently at version 12.5 – if you have questions please post them here or contact your local authorised Olympus dealer for more information.

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