Olympus Dictation iOS App

Our Australian sister blog has spotted the release Olympus’ first voice recording iOS app from Olympus which appeared in the Australian iTunes store a few days ago. At the time of writing the app called Olympus Dictation is not in the UK, US or Canadian stores, yet. Click here to read their post.

The app itself is your typical voice recording app which includes dictaphone functionality, so the ability to stop/start/rewind audio and even insert and overwrite audio. Also included are features common to the full range of Olympus digital voice recorders like VCVA a.k.a. voice activation. But, the app raises more questions than have yet been answered:

  • The audio format, .m4a is not currently compatible with the Olympus audio software – ODMS for Windows and DSS Player Plus for Mac
  • Author ID and Workflow are not included in an .xml file, are hey embedded in the audio itself?
  • FlashAir cards are supported by the app, does this mean the app will be used to send audio from current pro digital dictaphones like the DS-7000?

I’m sure Olympus will blow us all away with an announcement in the coming weeks. We will look out for the app on our UK iTunes store and let you know as soon as it is there.

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