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In a recent blog post by one of Australia’s leading Olympus resellers, Dictate Australia, they reported an increase in dictation files created by their customers had grown by an amazing 400% in the first six months of 2015. Proving that the move to mobile dictation is now a key part of any professional dictation solution.

In their blog post Dictate Australia talks about why the Olympus Dictation App which is part of ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) is proving so popular with both legal and medical professionals. The Olympus Dictation App is not only a cost effective solution with its yearly subscription model but in some instances is also replacing the need for physical dictation devices like the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500. Of course the use case depends on the person and the business scenario but one Australian legal firm are already transitioning across to solely dictation via the cloud using the Olympus Dictation App.

What is Olympus Dictation Delivery Service – ODDS ? click here

Olympus Dictation App ODDS Workflow UK

When you also have the ability to trial the Olympus App in your business for 60 days for free to see how your users react then Olympus are giving you the perfect opportunity to try-before-you-buy and to assess the reaction of your dictation users. If you are interested in trialling the Olympus Dictation App please contact us via the form further down this post and we can set you up and help with the initial  configuration.

The Olympus Dictation App was introduced towards the end of 2013 and allows your professional dictators the ability to record dictation from home, while travelling, out of the practice in fact anywhere and at any time. The audio recorded is the high quality DSS Pro (.ds2) audio format used by the latest professional dictation recorders (DS-7000). Security for mobile dictation is key, no confidential audio should be sent across the internet without encryption. Of course, Olympus have this covered with the ability to encrypt audio all the way from the iPhone or Android to the typist using the latest 256 bit encryption technology.

A web based user interface is supplied for the practice or office manager to administer any number of mobile device licences and settings. The onus is on the admin staff to create the end user profile which includes the audio format, file transmission setting (email or FTP) and encryption levels. All the professional dictator or end user need do is download and install the free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play and enter only four fields:

  • Server URL – The URL for the Olympus web portal (https://www.dictation-portal.com)
  • Login User – The user name for the business utilising the ODDS Service, defined by the admin user
  • Login Password – The company wide ODDS SmartPhone password, defined by the admin user
  • User Email – The unique identifier for the user, their email address


Would you like to trial the Olympus ODDS System for 60 days for free? Let us know your details and we can add you into the Olympus Web Portal and allocate you your trial licences. Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you to it, we can help with setup and questions along the way.


Will I be able to email .ds2 audio files to my transcription typist?

Yes, plus you have the option (highly recommended especially if the audio is confidential) to encrypt the audio.

Can I send the audio with the same AUTHOR ID that I use for my desk DS-7000 dictaphone?

Yes, you can set the audio to be sent with the same AUTHOR ID that you use with your desk dictaphone. From the typists point of view, they will be none the wiser as you whether the audio has come from a DS-7000 or the Olympus Dictation App ensuring a smooth workflow.

I have a number of WORKTYPES that I use to define my audio dictation, can the App use my work types also?

Yes, during the configuration for each user you can specify the same WORKTYPES currently used by your desk DS-7000 dictaphone.

Is it really a free trial?

Yes, Olympus Corporation have given the worldwide Olympus Audio resellers the option to allow a free trial of the ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery System). At the end of the trial you will have the option to purchase one-year subscription licences, one for each device you want to keep or just do nothing and your trial will expire. Most people love the mobile dictation option, for others they are not quite ready for it yet. No hard feelings and we are happy to have given you the chance to try this addition to the Olympus professional dictation solution.

We have a lot of users who would potentially use the solution. Is there a quick and easy way to create these users and their licences?

Yes, we will work with you to find the best option for commissioning the ODDS system in your business. Olympus supply templates which can be filled and uploaded to the server to auto-create a large number of users.

How much is a one-year subscription to Olympus ODDS?

An Olympus Dictation App ODDS licence is £89 for each licence. You require one licence per smartphone.


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