A number of our customers have reported issues with their Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac transcription software since upgrading to the latest Mac operating OS X 10.11 named El Capitan released to the world on 30th September, 2015.

The upgrading leaves the USB foot pedal un-useble and therefore transcription a tad tricky, although you can still use the hot keys for audio playback.

Some of the more switched on of you out there have tried to un-install then re-install the software, bad move as it seems the installer is also non compatible with OS X 10.11 so leaves you with nothing.

Olympus are fully aware of the issue and are working, franticly one would hope, on a patch/software update coming very very soon. Many an angry transcriptionist out there not being able to work.

Our sister blog in Australia first spotted the issue, to keep up-to-date with any information, comments or software updates from Olympus keep checking this blog post -> dictat.es/oops

On past experience Olympus have been slow to officially announce Mac OS X version compatibility. Officially compatibility for OS X 10.10 Yosemite for DSS Player Plus v7.5.1 came around 9 months after the Apple Mac operating system update. Usually the updates have not caused any issues until now.

Olympus Slow To Bring DSS Player Plus v7 Up To OS X Compatibility

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2 Responses to Olympus Mac Transcription Issue After OS X 10.11 El Capitan Upgrade

  1. Richard Barr says:

    Thanks for this. I was thinking of upgrading. I am glad I am always slow off the uptake. Now I won’t. I would have been slowly boiled alive by my secretary if she could not use the foot pedal!

    • admin says:

      Hello Richard

      Thank you for your comment. You are lucky in that you are one of the few to have not rushed into the latest OS update, stick with OS X 10.10 for now and we will post as soon as a fix/patch/upgrade is available.


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