Olympus ODMS (Olympus Dictation Manangement System) is the Windows software supplied with the Professional Olympus DS-7000 digital dictaphone and AS-7000 transcription kit. With the latest version, R6.4.0 both the dictation and transcription module has the latest and greatest updates Olympus have to offer including Windows 10 compatability.

But during the release cycle for the software small issues often pop up which require a quick fix, that is where the Olympus patches come in. Generally if you hit an issue your Olympus dealer will trouble shoot and issue you a patch if that will fix it. The patches don’t tend to get much press but this time we thought we should bring it to your attention as we are finding many of our users are using Microsoft Office 365 (O365) or utilising latest version of Microsoft Office 2016 and having issues.

An unpatched install of ODMS R6 will give you a couple issues with O365 and no compatibility with Office 2016. Patch0009 recently released (free to download) resolves these and some other minor issues). For full details on all the available patches, what they fix and how to download and apply the patch please visit our Australian blog by clicking the link below:

Olympus ODMS Support for Microsoft O365 & Office 2016 – Patch0009
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